We at Makovec Carpentry Ltd. are honoured to highlight our unique decor. Here you can find wooden articles to surprise your nearest and dearest on special occasions. Elegant wooden bowls, colourful cups, mortars, trays and much more are available in our company’s premises.

Find perfect wooden articles to surprise your nearest and dearest on special occasions.

Most of the decor is being made by Just Makovec, the master artisan who many years ago founded our company. At 87, he is retired but happy to return to his workshop where he dedicates every single day to his beloved vocation – woodworking. In these years he has enriched the collection of diverse decor remarkably nice to touch and easy on the eyes. With so many articles we decided to honour Just with a very special place on our website.

Here are some of the products you can find at Makovec Carpentry. Handmade and treated on machines, the items are made with different types of wood to create a true harmony of shapes and nuances. Do not forget that every single article our grandpa makes is crafted with scrap wood and designed by his very own imagination and experiments. We know you will enjoy using the decor just as much as Just loves to make them.

A decorative open wooden bowl.
A decorative wooden glass, one of many beautiful wooden products at Makovec Carpentry.
A big decorative wooden bowl, one of several wooden products at Makovec Carpentry.
A decorative wooden plate with lemons and oranges.
Fruit made of wood on a wooden plate.
Two wooden bowls, one in front of the other.
A series of decorative wooden productson a stone serfice.
A covered decorative wooden bowl.
A decorative bowl and some fruit on a table.
One black and one white decorative wooden glass.
Red wooden cherries on a wooden plate.
a wooden mortar close up