Fast, efficient and diverse services


Makovec Carpentry Ltd. offers a large variety of services. We shine for our perfect combination of highly skilled and qualified carpenters and state-of-the-art equipment for working the wood as well as other materials and quick reactions to the desires and needs of the most varied customers, delivering the final products in extremely short times.

Our company handles exclusively with top class materials, working them with the utmost respect towards sustainable and eco-friendly production processes. Milling service of the most demanding products in limited series is also available upon request. We possess seven CNC machines for working both woods as well as other materials. Allow us to develop, sketch and prepare you product according to your designs and plans. Let us execute your merchandise from its initial phase up to the finishing touches.

Share your requests with our highly qualified staff and let us make your dreams come true no matter the level of difficulty. Makovec Carpentry: long-lasting tradition and endless satisfied customers.

Our company offers a wide range of services and uses only the best materials. See what we have to give.
Machinery at Makovec Carpentry includes state-of-the-art and high-performance devices. Some are also shown in the gallery.
The products narrate the story of the performance and quality of our plant. Here is an assorted insight to some of our products.

Broad production machinery

Our broad production machinery includes numerous presses, membrane press and wood bending press. The company is also equipped with two lacquering rooms in which we can varnish everything, even high gloss wood. Because our products are polished in their final stage, the milling and lacquering pre-processing stages can be performed in our own plant. We possess also a UV drying for coloured products to enhance the hardness of the varnish.

A vast selection of Materials

As far as materials are concerned, lots of hard work is put to remain in vogue with the latest trends, thanks to which you can find everything you always wished for and even more at Makovec Carpentry. With the chance to combine various available materials we constantly improve and enrich our services, offering you plexiglass, ABS, ABS tapes, glass, metal, MDF (medium density fibreboards) and many more.