Logotip Mizarstva Makovec je stilizirana zaokrožena črka "M" postavljena v kroga in večkrat ponovljena, z vsako ponovitvijo je manjša, dokler ne zapolni kroga.


Makovec Carpentry Ltd. is a family business specialising in industrial roulette parts and wheels, as well as custom timber designs on demand.

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Evropski sklad
This is our primary quality, from which we do not deviate. We always ensure our clients are satisfied with our services.
This is the most important aspect of our work and we constantly do our best to complete every detail to perfection.
We are highly competent and up to date in the fields of wood-working and construction. We are constantly developing and upgrading our competencies.
Long History
With a tradition nearly 40 years long, Makovec Carpentry continues to grow and advance from year to year.
Family Business
We have a passion for working with wood which has remained true throughout three generations: from grandfather Just, through to his son Valter and grand daughter Polona.
Our equipment is our company’s pride, our advantage over the competition and our guarantee for success.

Top quality is our passion!

Let us introduce you to the manufacturing processes and tools we use to make your wishes come true.


  • various shaping techniques
  • veneering
  • moulding for various materials
  • painting and lacquering
  • timber drying
  • construction and finishing




  • all timbers
  • all wood materials
  • Plastics
  • Plexiglass
  • Ultrapass
  • Aluminium
  • Artificial materials
  • Kerrock


  • CNC – SAOM – P20b – MCU twist 5-axes
  • CNC – essetre – gantry 3841 PF – 2TMY – 5A 5-axes
  • CNC – ROVER – C – 9.65 5-axes

These are just a few of the many machines we use in our plant. All machines are regularly maintained and upgraded.

We’ve been on the market for several decades.

Our business keeps growing, advancing and updating.
Just Makovec opens a small workshop at his home address.
Valter Makovec takes over his father’s craft.
The first big expansion of the workshop occurs.
The number of employees increases from 17 to 25.
Purchase of extra equipment.
The Second big expansion of the plant.

Makovec Carpentry was founded in 1980 by Just Makovec. What started as a small workshop grew to be a company that now occupies a 5000 square meter warehouse with every facility to manufacture and finish furniture in-house. State of the art equipment and separate areas for storage, construction, lacquering and finishing are all on-site and the company employs 25 full time staff. Although the business now specialises in industrial roulette and other casino fittings, we still produce custom timber designs on demand.

Makovec Carpentry Ltd.

Get in touch with us and we will do everything we can to fulfil your needs and fully realise your ideas. We will work with you on the project and will ensure your product will be ready on time. We always do our best, even with the most challenging designs. Where others give up is where we start!

Logotip Mizarstva Makovec je stilizirana zaokrožena črka "M" postavljena v kroga in večkrat ponovljena, z vsako ponovitvijo je manjša, dokler ne zapolni kroga.